Being a tech dad

The old adage in the tech support world (my old home) is that if you need a tech device fixed, ask for the youngest person in the house. Well, I am seeing this happen with my two little ones.

I was listening to my 7-year old write up his birthday list for his upcoming migration to his 8th year. I instantly go back to my younger days. I’m thinking of Lincoln Logs, Legos, He-Man and Skelator, all the good ol’ toys!

Well, what comes out of the little mouth of this beautiful young man? “Is iPad one word or two words?” At that point I’m thinking… iPad? Really!? This is of course followed by what I would totally expect to hear “… and iPhone 6 plus…”!

Not sure what is worse about my own character in the attack of these utterances… That I was thinking there is NNNNOOOO way in hell I was buying him an iDevice at his age, or that I was VERY PROUD of the fact that he wanted all that!

Of course, as I have always stated… These are my two future employees of Jonathan Moffat Creative as soon as I can get them focused on coding! haha!

Now I would probably be concidered a really bad dad if I didn’t mentioned my daughter’s birthday list items. First, let me just mention that this about to be 10-year old was kind of enough to make (and text) various copies of her wish lists. So I probably should also insert here an apology to everyone! haha! But I know there was also a phone and tablet on hers. Though she is at the age of reason, so of course there are some baby dolls as well! haha!

Question… What would life be if there were no kids!? Mine keep me on my toes, and for all the frustrations and craziness they provide, they are my (and my wife’s) world!

Well, wanted to share this. So now it is back to some light reading… “Smashing UX Design”. Yep, I work at work, work at home, and work when I read! Work-a-holic? Um… “Hello, my name is Jonathan…”!