For the love of the work

I pride myself on always wanting to help out. I would say it is a lesson I got from my dad and both my grandpas. Growing up I watched as all 3 of these men in my life always provided a helping hand. Many times not having much at all to give, but they would still always be willing to.

As most young folks go, I didn’t really see this as something big, or important, or even anything I would think about later. Shoot, many times, one way or another, it usually meant more work for me or my brothers and sister! haha! But today, as I am staring down the barrel of 40, and with a couple kiddos watching my every move, it has really started hitting me more and more.

Unfortunately I don’t have a farm with machinery to lend, or a feed and tack store with items to give on credit, or even just freely. What I do have, as Liam Neeson put it so eloquently in the movie Taken, “… are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career”. And that would be in the web development world (sorry, not leading up to the last 15 years learning to kick butt and take names). But probably nearing 19 or 20 years of thinking “how does that work?”, and “I bet I can do that”, and then just figuring it out and adding it to my bag of skills.

And this year I was able to really dig into my skills, and pull a little of the giving spirit that I got from my the 3 guys I looked up to. I put all that together and helped out some good friends that are running for various elected positions within the Chickasaw Nation. I wasn’t out for gain, I wasn’t out for the almighty dollar. I put time (lot’s and lot’s of it), some money, and my brain to work, and I did it because I believed in the folks I was helping. I believe they help make the difference that everyone has seen within the Chickasaw Nation.

Those of you that know me know, I’m not even Native American. This usually begs the question “then why help, it doesn’t affect you?” Well, it boils down to the whole point of this post. I had something I can provide to those that may be in need, and I am in the position to be able to help. All-in-all, it ended up being around 4 websites over a period of 7 months.

All it took was knowing from the men I grew up with, that there is always something out there bigger than us, and more important that a dollar. And probably the biggest secret of all is, it just feels so good to sit back and think, I did all that work, and it truly made a difference for them.