Giving Bootstrap it’s turn

After many-a-year of building custom sites from the ground up, mainly from simple lines started in Photoshop, I decided to give ol’ Bootstrap a run for it’s money. If you aren’t familiar yet, or like me, are familiar but just never took the time to dig into Bootstrap, NOW is the time!

All I can say after working with it for primarily about 3 days in total, is WOW! But, before getting too carried away with how much I like it, let me say that I believe it does serve some purposes better than others. For me, it is the fast prototyping.

Would I launch a site solely relying on Bootstrap? Well, I would like to say no. However, I think in some situations it would work just fine. However, the size of Bootstrap is what sort of turns me off on using it as a primary framework or system. This is that sort of gray area though. If you have the extra time to spend in getting to know Bootstrap inside and out, then you will find the ability to strip it down to the pieces functions and CSS that you need. This can greatly reduce the size, and therefore the speed of your app or site.

But for the use of prototyping, having all this readily available at your fingertips to tweak and edit until your heart is content, is very nice! My use of Bootstrap is on a project for an up-and-coming musician here in Oklahoma. He is not in need of a million dollar site yet, nor calendars, galleries, and all that. He is in need of getting some vital info to promoters to start the process of getting his name and music around. For this, Bootstrap pretty much did all the heavy lifting, allow me to focus on the design elements.

Keep checking back and hopefully you will see my latest project. It will be a 2-phase approach. First will just be rolling the site out, and then I’ll follow up with a push into WordPress for him. This will give him the base management system needed to allow for growth as his name gets around and all of Oklahoma wants to hear him!