Many irons

Busy, busy… That pretty much sums up this new year. So far it has been a great 2015 though!

I have several new projects underway, and at least 2 lined up once those are completed. And of course, what would freelancing be, without a ton of extra curricular things to keep you from freelancing. haha!

Kaitlyn has been practicing hard with her regular dance and also the competition team. And Dylan has been practicing and playing hard with his basketball team. And then there is myself. Somehow I had the great thought that at about 8 pixels shy of 40, and not having graced a basketball court since 1993, that I should play in an employee basketball tournament at work. Oh yes, this is where you should be laughing!

The first practice was an eye-opener for me. I have been working to lose weight lately, and have been trying to eat right. But you don’t really think of the fact that if you aren’t working out, you can instantly go play 2-on-2 basketball and expect to give it 100%! I may have had to take about 20 breaks, and hold a wall here and there to keep the room from spinning, but I did make it through. Even did about 45 minutes of basketball with Kaitlyn this weekend. Still hard to breathe, but at least I’m trying! Ha!

Now back to the track… Aside from the sites I’ve been working on, I’m also in challenge of getting ready to lose my MacBook. It is about on it’s last leg, and I’ve been looking at what I might go to next for my development work. I have been able to mess around with a Surface Pro 3 lately, and I have to say, for Windows, I do like the device. And the performance has really been great. But I still have an issue with the display size for a full time work machine. However, we will review computer options later.

Coming soon I will be doing some reviews on some different cross-platform applications I have been working with to try and find a development solution on my MacBook that will easily translate to another computer, or even Windows if that is that where I end up going next. I am working through several different demos right now, and have a pretty good track going. Just need to complete and deploy a time or two to make sure it covers all the bases I need it to. Keep an eye out for those soon.

That is about it for now, until next time folks!