Services by JMC


Jonathan Moffat Creative (JMC) is just a guy who loves what he does so much, that he just WANTS to do it all the time.

Does that make it clear as mud? And that love would be the services I currently offer: web design, web app creation, and any other creative need you may need a hand with.

The way I conduct my business is much the way I was raised. My father is the type that would always lend a hand to help someone out. And I take that approach when partnering with my clients. Not every business has thousands of dollars to spend on site or business cards and other media or services. And it just so happens that I have skill set to be able to lend my services to help out those that need it. Everyone needs a leg-up at some point, and I’m just glad to be able to help when I can.

It really doesn’t matter what your creative needs are, I would love to help. While web design is my primary service, I can help you with any type of creative need. If I am not able to get it turned around myself, I have a number of friends that are able to step in and help out. And best of all, you don’t have to pay the big city bucks!

Most of us have been there, in need of a website, a brochure, and ad, but the first big marketing company shoots you a quote that makes you feel a bit queasy. While everyone loves to make that kind of money, honestly, there is not a need to spend that kind of money.

In nearly all cases, I can save you some money. And on top of that, with my years of experience, I can provide some good insight on the right way to do things to get the biggest bang for your buck. Everyone likes saving money, right?

So get in contact with me and let’s see what we can do!